Spring/Summer 2020

Volume XXXV, Number 1

Web Exclusives

Holy Week out of order: Lazarus, come forth! by Mark Safstrom

Already at the beginning of Lent this year the storm cloud of an epidemic was looming on the horizon. As in past years, ashes were imposed on my forehead in Ascension Chapel at Augustana, there was time for one Friday fish fry with friends at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, but then the regular rhythms of preparing for Easter came to an abrupt halt. Everything was rebooted in an alternate reality. My college went online, church went online, we “sheltered in place,” and then found creative ways to be physically, but not socially, distant.

Two Days by Ann Boaden

More than we could ask or imagine: North Park and the flu pandemic of 1918 by Mark Safstrom

As North Park College President, David Nyvall, prepared to give his report to the Covenant annual meeting in Rockford, Illinois, on June 18, 1919, the church and the school, like the rest of the country, was still reeling from the terrible experience of a global flu pandemic.

And then there was Jim by Doug Johnson