Fall 1991

Volume VI, Number 3

In This Issue

Ludwig Wittgenstein and Paul Holmer: A Comparison by Jonathan Sweeney

It will come as no surprise to former students of Paul Holmer that many lines of comparison can be drawn between him and Wittgenstein. It would be a mistake to name these as comparisons of thought only, because for both Wittgenstein and Holmer, distinctions cannot be drawn between thinking and living.

James 4:7-5:6 and Waldenstrom’s Commentary translated by Tommy Carlson

Keeping in Touch by Elder M. Lindahl

Dreams have always played an important role in human existence. Through the ages people have thought of them as bridges to the supernatural world, avenues through which God’s will and wisdom were given. Various channels to keep in touch with the Eternal world—Scripture, prayer, visions, and prophetic oracles—are used; but for some, dreams are thought of as special ways God communicates.

Quiet Still by David Liljengren

The Gift of Authority (Continued) by Phil Johnson

There are other kinds of authoring, not of the teaching or learning type. An example is when we say, “I love you.” We are expected to and can say this on our own personal authority. Though not alone in teaching it, Christians teach that the basic, divine reality is love. When we love, we are authoring the most important thing, the thing that matters above all. Love is the reality that personal life depends upon and, as God apparently discovered, love depends upon personal life for its existence. It is for this very reason that God created humans.

Day Work by Ed Mampel

This time I was dispatched to Fred Harvey’s at Lake Forest. I sat next to a fellow, name of Steve, in a van that was carrying a group of us, not all going to the same place.

The Heritage of the Covenant: Agenda for Dialogue by Michael Hardin

In recent years the heritage of the Covenant and its self-definition have come into debate. Paul Larsen’s Mission of a Covenant has been, in some respects, the catalyst for this debate. An article delivered as a 1985 Nyvall lecture but published after Mission adds further clues as to President Larsen’s theological agenda.

Sermon Inspired by Nicaragua and Scripture by James Widboom

Scripture texts came to mind as we moved among the people of Nicaragua last week. The first is the account of the exodus of Israel from Egypt, in which God makes a distinction between Israel and Egypt. Leeched onto and dependent on Egypt, Israel is pried loose—kicking, screaming, and complaining. “Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness?” they asked (Ex. 14:11).

The House of Faith: John 14:1 by Erik Hawkinson

With fear striking into the hearts—the very deepest part—of his frail friends, he said: “Let not your heart be troubled. believe in God, believe also in me.”

Out and About by Phil Johnson

Annual Meeting Report; Dagmar Soneson at Wooddale Church

Pre-Socratics Struggle in Tournament by Phil Johnson

Pietisten’s Sport Prophet, its Sport Reporter, and two Angolan colleagues teamed up as the Pre-Socratics and “took it to the streets” in the Minnesota Timberwolves 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament on Saturday, August 3.

Post: Readers Respond

Friends by Aaron Markuson