Winter 1990

Volume V, Number 4

In This Issue

Whose Is Rosenius? by Elder M. Lindahl

The name of one of Pietisten's patron saints, Carl Olof Rosenius, caught my eye in a recent article in Svenska Dagbladet, for Nov. 11, 1990. Serious dissatisfaction with the beliefs and life style of the Swedish State Church, the cause of the separation of Läsare [Readers] in the last century, was the reason for the organization. Now, as the article below reports, the dissatisfaction continues today and is leading to an imminent break with the Church of Sweden by these "Faithful Friends of the Bible."

The Letter to the Hebrews 1:1-14 and Waldenström's Commentary by Paul Peter Waldenström and translated by Tommy Carlson

Some Thoughts on a Pietist Theology of Proclamation for the Evangelical Covenant Church by Peter Sandstrom

In response to an academic assignment given to me last spring, I began considering the relationship of the disciplines of systematic theology to the task of proclamation as it has been practised and historically understood in the Covenant.

A Christmas Wedding by Mary

It was Saturday night at the parsonage on the northern edge of frozen Minnesota one December years ago. The usual round of baths was in progress, each bather enjoying the delicious warmth of the bath, when there was a knock on the door.

Exploring the Darkness by Lois Vetvick

The great writer, Isaiah, often used words that related to people's experiences throughout history. So, what I would like to speak to this morning is the message of Christmas that this text from Isaiah holds for me. I want to concentrate on verse two of chapter nine which says, "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light: Those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined."

The Rebirth of an Organ by Robert Elde

Seize The Day by Arthur Mampel

In the motion picture, The Dead Poets Society, a young professor at a boy's preparatory school takes his students outside the classroom to look at the school's trophy case.

Confessions of an Ex-Lutheran by Sharon Carlson

What intrigued me most about Arthur Bowman's "Confessions of an Ex-Covenanter" was the discovery that here was someone who seems to have joined the Lutheran Church for the reasons I left it, and to have left the Covenant Church for some of the reasons I embraced it!

Remembering Don Paul Olson by Don O Franklin

In writing to renew my subscription to Pietisten, it was also my plan to order a gift subscription for Don Paul Olson, whom I met by chance in California this past summer where he was serving as chaplain at the Samarkand home in Santa Barbara.

Sheep, Shepherds, and Judgment by Arthur W. Anderson

It is Judgment Sunday. The Associate Pastor is preaching and he takes his text from Ezekiel 34. He is talking about sheep and shepherds. He is a very perceptive as he retrieves these ancient images for us in our high-tech milieu. Dumb sheep, he allowed, were not palatable models for us.

Out and About

The Inaugural Lectures of the Gustafson Lectureship; North Park Philosophy Academy, 1990; Sport Report

Sport Prophecy by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

Pre-Season All-American Picks

Reading by Phil Johnson

Twice now, Bryce Nelson has challenged us to get more specific about pietism. Once, (Summer, 1989)) he asked "what a pietist looks like today. What are the characteristics of a contemporary pietist?" Then, in his letter printed in the last issue he asked that we provide a list of pietist readings.

TRANSITIONS: The Tension Between "How" and "What" by Phil Johnson

While creating this issue, the editors of Pietisten took the action of establishing Pietisten as a nonprofit association under the laws of the state of Minnesota. This means that Pietisten is now an entity. It is a legal personality. This may not strike fear in the hearts of others, but it does in ours.

Post: Readers Respond

The Oxen by Thomas Hardy