Fall 1990

Volume V, Number 3

In This Issue

A Retirement Soliloquy by Elder M. Lindahl

Coming to North Park College was in many ways easier than leaving. The process was quite simple. I talked awhile with Dean Albin Erickson, and then he suggested I go over to Wilson Hall and meet President Clarence Nelson. President Nelson asked about my graduate work at the University of Michigan, what kinds of philosophy I had been studying.

My Father's Socialism by Earl Schwartz

My father was a working man. He began working to help support his family, like many others in his generation, when he was still a child. He was proud of his thick biceps. They bore eloquent testimony to his life of labor.

John 8:31-51 and Waldenström's Commentary by Paul Peter Waldenström and translated by Tommy Carlson

Confessions of an Ex-Covenanter by Arthur Bowman

The title of this article might lead many readers to think that Pietisten has gone tabloid. Some Christian magazine or other may pick up on the tabloid style in an effort to boost circulation to the heavens, but not Pietisten. Its calling is higher. Let some other publication pander to the prurient passions of Protestants.

When I Grow Up by Max Carlson

The Towel: John 13:3, 4 by Erik Hawkinson

There is never a day so long, but there comes at last the time for evensong. As part of my evensong, I wish to thank you for these beautiful days we have spent together. I said in Mission Springs, and I can say here, that I never begin a conference like this without a great fear and I never end it without a great regret.

Praise by Rainer Maria Rilke

Pärleporten Revival by J. Irving Erickson

"He the Pearly Gates Will Open"

Dead Preachers Society: Come and Die by Timothy Sporrong

I stand before you this evening as a representative of the Dead Preachers Society. At our best, that is what we are — the Dead Preachers Society and that is no joke.

Here's the Church by Hazel Sloan

I had observed the young boy investigating the empty dryers and washers when I entered the laundromat. Finally, he tugged at the door of a washer in operation. Thank God, it did not budge! He sauntered back to the chair next to mine and sat down.

About Giving and Receiving by Mary

After my children all had their own homes, I was alone in the old family home.

Christ Lives Outside the Church, Too by Arthur W. Anderson

Trying to get sleepy the other night, I turned on the T.V. and happened in on a religious program — a years-ago interview with Francis Schaeffer. Among other things, Mr. Schaeffer said that we confine spirituality strictly to church and religion — to a low percentage of our living.

Out and About by Phil Anderson

Once again, for this reporter, I have been out and about a lot since last issue. The copy editor and I travelled to the East Coast of the United States where we stayed more than two weeks. We spent time in the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire and in the ocean at Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Sport Prophecy by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

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