Spring 1989

Volume IV, Number 1

In This Issue

John 17:20-26 and Waldenström's Commentary by Paul Peter Waldenström and translated by Tommy Carlson

Hesiodos' Råd by Viktor Rydberg and translated by Tommy Carlson

Spener's Proposals, Part III by Peter Sandstrom

In 1675, Philip Jacob Spener wrote that "the people must have impressed upon them and must accustom themselves to believing that it is by no means enough to have knowledge of the Christian faith, for Christianity consists rather of practice." It was the third of his six proposals for reform of the church, which comprised the main body of his work, The Pia Desideria.

Still No Easy Escape by Klyne Snodgrass

I expected to receive "flak" for my December, 1988 Covenant Companion article "No Easy Escape" (pp. 18-19), but I did not expect it from Pietisten.. No doubt there are others who are unhappy with the fact that I do not view John 8:7 as scripture, but so far I have not heard from them. I appreciate the invitation of the editors to respond to Phil Johnson's comments in the last Pietisten.

Peace in the World by Max Carlson

I Met a Chief on the 21A by Penrod

As I boarded the bus at 40th and Lake, I noticed a short, dark, unsteady man standing near the driver. He asked the driver about the Capitol.

Musings on Florida Birds by Arthur W. Anderson

Birds here in Florida amuse me. But, sometimes they scare me. I discovered that carrying hotdogs on the beach is something you should not do. Normally, birds do not intimidate me, but the other day when a squadron of seagulls dive-bombed my cardboard tray as though it were the top of an aircraft carrier, I felt as though I were in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Out and About

Founder's Day 1989; Sport Report

Sport Prophecy by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

Well, now for Pietisten's 1988-89 All-American Basketball Team

Sport Correspondence

Dear Pietisten Sports editor: How dare you be so biased as to "rejoice" at seeing Notre Dame successful?

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