Fall 1988

Volume III, Number 3

In This Issue

Philip Jacob Spener's Proposals, Part I by Peter Sandstrom

Part of Pietisten's reason for being is to attempt an ongoing description of what pietism is and has been. Philip Jacob Spener of Germany (1635-1705) was one of the very first to write down what would become some of the primary concerns of the movement in his 1675 proposal for church reform entitled Pia Desideria. In last year's mission meeting issue of Pietisten, Zenos Hawkinson made reference to the six points of Spener's proposal and we are long overdue for a time of exploring them.

Mark 9:38-50 and Waldenström's Commentary by Paul Peter Waldenström and translated by Tommy Carlson

Eight Days by Penrod

Eight days later, his disciples were again in the house and Thomas was with them. John 20:26

Bible Reading: Part II by David Hawkinson

For all the warfare surrounding the bible, especially when the issues are those of inspiration and authority, the sheer enjoyment of reading the text is rarely taken into consideration. It may help explain why so much of biblical study is so heavy and serious — a condition unsuitable for the Spirit to do its work.

Prismatic Christ by Pauline Lenore Larson

The House at 349 Neilsen Road by Bob Bach

Today the last things have been moved out of the house at 349 Neilsen Road. The house is strangely silent somewhat eerie, The organ is gone, the piano is gone, the unique dining room table is gone, the beautiful china and sterling silver are gone. It's the end of an era and now all that's left are the memories — and there are lots of those.

Perspective on Winning by Arthur W. Anderson

Playing golf the way I play it is exasperating. When Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," he didn't mean golf. On the fairway, my whole being pleads for consistency — foolish or otherwise. After having another game spoiled by figure 8s, I got so sick of being a loser, I resolved to do whatever it took to win. If I couldn't win against myself, I deserved the pits.

Out and About by Phil Johnson

Annual Meeting Report; Sport Report

Sport Prophecy by Eric Ecklund-Johnson

This looks like it could finally be the Vikings' year, After coming within a game of the Super Bowl last season, Minnesota seems poised to make the trip in 1989. And, I think, contrary to their history, they will win the big one this time.

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