Spring 1988

Volume III, Number 2

In This Issue

Reading Bible: An Introduction to Midrash and Interpretation, Part I by David Hawkinson

Reading the biblical text and its interpretation is as old as the text itself; in fact, this interactive process emerges out of the even earlier oral tradition.

Walking with the Moravians by Clay Oglesbee

"(The Moravian) P. Bohler walked with me a few miles and exhorted me not to stop short of the grace of God." — John Wesley's Journal, entry from April 26, 1738.

I Shall Exalt You, Lord by Paul Peter Waldenström and translated by Tommy Carlson

Ekman and Universalism by Peter Sandstrom

It was an honor for Pietisten to be able to publish Runar Eldebo's article, "The Eschatological Dilemma: A Study in Some Problems in the Eschatology of Erik Jacob Ekman," in our Fall 1987 issue. It was also a great pleasure for those of us on the editorial staff to be able to meet with Rev. Eldebo on various occasions during his faculty exchange time here in America.

The Grace Of Divorce and the Freedom Of Marriage by Phil Johnson

A denominational policy statement on divorce and remarriage, approved by the Covenant Annual Meeting of 1976 and "updated by the board of ministry" was printed in the May 1988 issue of The Covenant Companion. This statement is the catalyst for the thoughts which follow.

The Other Stanzas of "Children of the Heavenly Father" by Tommy Carlson

At a Conventicle meeting this winter, Ethel Palmberg, a student at North Park Commercial Academy during the years 1920-22 and at North Park Academy 1927-29, called to our attention that there was a 6th verse to Lina Sandell's song "Children of the Heavenly Father."

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The Pulley by George Herbert