Fall 1987

Volume II, Number 4

In This Issue

The Eschatological Dilemma by Runar Eldebo

Hereby presented to the general public, those interested in Biblical questions, is the result of several years of research and study in a subject which has been, and is, of great importance for each and everyone who is concerned to correctly assess the end of humankind's development from a Biblical standpoint and to answer the question whether or not; according to the teaching of Holy Scripture, this development shall end in an unsolvable and endless dualism.

Luke 2:1-20 and Waldenström's Commentary by Paul Peter Waldenström and translated by Tommy Carlson

Between the Magnificat and the Genealogy by Peter Sandstrom

Despite taxes and angels, inn-keepers and shepherds Jesus is born. The center of the assigned text itself is this finding of a baby. That is the story, and yet. it is not quite the Christmas story.

Traveler (Selected Passages) by David Mampel

North Park Philosophy Academy 1987 by Phil Johnson

Each fall, as the elm tree's shadow lingers and alumae and alumni gather on Chicago's north side for North Park College Homecoming, a small group gathers in the President's room for the annual meeting of the North Park Philosophy Academy.

A Reporter's Day Off by Penrod

What's it like trying to get a new angle on an old report? What's it like trying to find any news in an over-familiar event? What's it like if you're a reporter and you've got that beat? Maybe you take the day off. Let others do what they want or can.

Post: Readers Respond

A Word About Waldenström by Tommy Carlson

Since the first issue of Pietisten was published in the summer of 1986, one of our foci has been and will continue to be Biblical text . As a regular source of commentary we have been using the work of P.P. Waldenström. While he is familiar to many students of pietism, some of you may not be aware of his history and of hi s special association with this journal. Here is a brief biography.

Minister at Kokee Lodge by Arthur Mampel